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Christmas Spuds!
« on: July 09, 2022, 12:56:51 pm »
It's hot here, my back is killing me (had to pick mum up after falling over, again, and she not light!) I've passed my TB test, yay! And I'm thinking about food!

Christmas spuds! Black 30 litre containers, compost! However, the shearer didn't want the fleeces, half I have managed to shove in pots under compost to help with water etc, a lot is in my composters (I misjudged my winter squashes, apparently happens when you forget to label the tray, nothing comes up, so you sow another packet then everything comes up at the same time and you don't like to kill the plant that you "lovingly" forgot about! If the little begger has got to plug plant size the least you can do is let it grow, somewhere.......)

Anyhow, raw fleece, will shove in bottom of pots as  before but has anyone managed to grow spuds in it and liked them, or should I just pile fleece at bottom, compost, spuds, then compost etc as grow?
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