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Author Topic: Help - Serious ewe hoof problem and damaged ram lamb horn  (Read 1551 times)


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Re: Help - Serious ewe hoof problem and damaged ram lamb horn
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2022, 11:11:26 am »
Thanks again for input from all.

Damaged horn.  Kept a good eye on the horn and have removed it with hoof shears without any issue at all.  Caught him yesterday and it was only on by a small section of horn.  Much less stressful now he's not covered in fresh blood!

The number of historic forum posts here and elsewhere about damaged horns ripping of sections skull and exposing soft tissue etc was somewhat horrifying!!

Bad feet.  Have had a good look at her twice since my first post.  She walks soundly and, despite the issue of escaping last time is placid and easily handled. 

She was the last but one for me to deal with on that occasion and I think my general incompetence had taken its toll on her calm nature.  She escaped under a bit of loose fencing which I've since fixed.  I had also left too much space for them so she was able to get a run up!! 

All lessons learnt in my usual fashion - begin incompetent and learn fast!  ::)

Next lesson is with feet bathing.  :thinking: I have set up four 1 litre plastic milk bottles with elasticated cord joining the handless set up so I can tension over the sheep's back.  I've worked out how to set up a very restricted crush so she will be hard pressed to move.  The plan is to fit the thing on her and then add Golden Hoof to the bottles. :roflanim:

Thanks again.
Mistakes teach best.  😳🙄😉


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Re: Help - Serious ewe hoof problem and damaged ram lamb horn
« Reply #16 on: May 24, 2022, 11:42:00 am »
Don't forget to have that videoed for us  ;D

Apologies for the scare stories about bits of skull coming off with a horn as it was probably me. All our sheep are horned and with more than the usual two, so we get a lot of experience of problems.  The mega serious ones are with shearling tups which have big horns and tussle a lot.  Horns have a core which doesn't start getting big until the lamb is a bit bigger.  It's when the core breaks too that the problems start as it has a big blood supply.  In lambs, the outer cover can come off leaving the core behind - cobwebs are especially good in that situation but it soon all grows back. You may find that yours does grow back although it will be a bit shorter than the unbroken one.
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