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Author Topic: Raspberry Patch  (Read 2326 times)


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Raspberry Patch
« on: July 29, 2016, 03:14:47 pm »
I have just bought a very overgrown 16 acre smallholding.  Not sure what to do with it yet but I've just found a big raspberry patch in amongst the nettles so I think jam might be my first challenge. 

So my question is... how easy is jam for a novice?  Any tips/tricks?  How much should I be aiming to make for a first batch?


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Re: Raspberry Patch
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 08:31:39 am »
Jam is easy, providing you haven't anything else to do that won't wait!.
First of all thoroughly wash jars and lids, rinse well and put into a warm oven to dry and sterilise.(put lids into boiling water for a minute, then remove with tongs and put into a clean tea towel if they have plastic in them)
To make the jam....Have one pound of raspberries to a pound of sugar, or the metric equivalent, put into the preserving pan (or very large saucepan)  add the tiniest bit of water and bring, very gently, to a simmer. Let them simmer for five minutes or so, then add the sugar. Keep stirring with a wooden spoon until you are sure the sugar has dissolved (it doesn't feel "scratchy" on the bottom of the pan)
Bring to rolling boil, stirring frequently for fifteen minutes, then test. Take the pan off the heat and on a previously cooled saucer (put in the fridge before you started) put a small teaspoon of your jam, when coolish. give it a push with a fingernail. if it wrinkles your jam is ready to pot. If not, shove it back on the heat and try again five -ten minutes later. When done pour or ladle jam into a jug and fill the hot jars. Using a thick tea towel to hold the jars put the lids on.
I hope it goes well!


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Re: Raspberry Patch
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2016, 09:37:29 am »
Yep, that's the way.  Raspberry is probably the easiest and quickest jam to make - the recipe is simple, it sets easily and it tastes good  :rasp: :rasp: :rasp: :rasp: :rasp:

For how much to make, it depends on the size of your pan.  A preserving pan is ideal, in which you would use about 4lbs or 2kgs of fruit to the same of sugar, which would give you a bit over 4lbs of jam - the actual yield is 3lbs of sugar gives 5lbs jam.
If you don't have a preserving pan then you will have to use an ordinary saucepan.  Jam prefers a large surface area compared to depth, the idea being to cook the jam as quickly as possible, so it needs to be able to bubble and spit a bit - if your pan is overfull then you can't boil it rapidly enough for it to cook quickly.  I would say fill it to less than half full.

With your new smallholding you'll soon be able to do as we did - plant a whole area of fruit - soft and top - and make loads of jam and other preserves each year - bliss  :yum:   You already have the bramble patch for blackberry jam, jelly, pies and crumble  :blackberry: :blackberry: :blackberry: :blackberry: :hungry:
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Re: Raspberry Patch
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2016, 12:16:40 pm »
Easy jam to make.
As above, but we used 4lb rasps + 3.5lb sugar. Made7lb jam


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Re: Raspberry Patch
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2016, 08:08:33 pm »
we do all our jam in the microwave now - I know the WI  wouldnt approve but its quicker - less messy and the fruit retains its colour and flavour better ( i think anyway).
Especially good with raspberry.
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Re: Raspberry Patch
« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2016, 06:38:19 pm »
Consider rubbing it through a  sieve if you don't like seeds in the teeth... use the back of a spoon to push it through :)


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