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Title: Horseradish
Post by: bunnyruth on September 23, 2009, 01:27:27 pm
Hello All,
Our garden is winding down for the year and we are gathering the last of it and doing what we can to preserve it.  A few years ago we planted horseradish so now have an enormous abundance!  So, I am looking for new recipes in which to use it.  We are processing some today to store in the freezer, we mix it with mustard for a nice sandwich spread, mix it into cheese spread and also use it in rubs for meat. 

Any other suggestions?  We'd love to learn new ideas for using it up ... we have far too much!

Ruth in New Hampshire
Title: Re: Horseradish
Post by: rbno22 on December 06, 2009, 02:30:43 pm
A great favourite of mine is beetroot and horseradish mixed in equal portions mmmm tastes great with cheese
Title: Re: Horseradish
Post by: sheila on December 06, 2009, 04:02:16 pm
Yes Beetroot and horse radish. I used to buy it in a Polish shop when i lived in Sheffield. Mmmm!
Title: Re: Horseradish
Post by: rbno22 on December 06, 2009, 05:01:10 pm
well the first time i tried it was here in ukraine a few years i eat it with everything my mother in law makes it by the bucketful just for yours truly  :)
Title: Re: Horseradish
Post by: Wizard on January 10, 2010, 11:55:59 am
Hello bunny I see no one has posted a recipe for a good horseradish sauce for the Sunday Roast Beef So dig some fresh don't use manky dried up shrivelled ones use fresh straight out of the ground roots these are best.
Horseradish roots trim of all the top crown and wash and scrape clean and Wash again Dry the water off the clean roots.Grate the roots into a bowl mix them up well with a fork and pack into sterile jars.(I was given some of those small hotel breakfast jars which had had marmalade and jam in) They are just right for a serving and the rest in a large jar can go brown and thrown away not so with this method.Boil some white vinegar for a minute or so and then pour over the contents of the jar a good idea is to prod to the bottom with a skewer to make sure there is no trapped air leave a little head space.So we are having roast beef get a jar and empty it into a bowl add salt pepper and mustard to taste and mix well then add sufficient double cream to make the consistency you like There you go no waste.George