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Author Topic: Projectile poo  (Read 774 times)


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Projectile poo
« on: June 06, 2021, 02:01:11 pm »
Hello all
This has no doubt been asked before so there may be some quick and easy answers:
I have had two new hens, 22 wks old, if I remember correctly, laying tiny eggs for now. Bought from reputable poultry farm. They are in with two existing hens. There has been the expected mayhem from the introduction. I donít have room to quarantine and do the recommended separation for a week, etc, so we all had to take our chances. I have had them one week today. One of them has started to do projectile pooing. Quite a shock to watch happening and Iím so glad I was to the side and not behind her! The poo is actually more like water with not much in the way of solids with it. Under her perch is wetter poo than the others in the morning. They get nothing more than layers pellets and a dose of wormex (or similar) in the water, so I have ruled out worms. I will contact the farm in the week, but I thought I would ask here as well.  It could be stress, couldnít it, from the fractious situation with the existing hens. Itís not too hot. They have places to hide if things get too much for them. And itís only one with the watery poo - if it is poo. ANy thoughts? Tricia


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Re: Projectile poo
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2021, 04:23:36 pm »
Worms. They need Flubenvet, anything else doesn't work


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