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Author Topic: Gilt bleeding with AI ?  (Read 12781 times)


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Re: Gilt bleeding with AI ?
« Reply #15 on: June 05, 2011, 03:46:15 pm »
Hi Karen  :wave:

Cannot comment on the bleeding thing - have used AI but only on Sows. We use the screw tip and have had not problem.

Hope you don't mind but I am interested in what Berkshire semen you ordered from Deerpark. I have a sow about to farrow  :-\ if she feels like it - we used the Lassiter boar semen on her as we have read from the bloodline survey that this is becoming rare. So quite excited to see what our Excelsa sow produces. Last time she had the "Orlando" and produced 17 of which 4 were stillborn  :(.   The litter was the best - crackers :pig: We have kept one of the Orlando boars he has already been in action and 4 of the gilts from that litter have been sold for breeding. We used the Nama Abel semen on our Farewell sow and had a reasonable litter - no lookers but extremely healthy and have been sold for meat. Cannot wait to meet the "Lassiters" :)

We bought our first Berkshire 3 years ago and she was in pig to a pietrain pic below. Good litter healthy and we sold all 10 - however one of our customers let their Berk x pietrain weaners run on a couple of months and they had a lot of fat when slaughtered - not sure what the pietrain did as I thought that would be a lean influence ??? However my French farmer who also had two said they were the best tender pork he had ever eaten - praised indeed.

Now- just as it happens we have waiting in the wings a Tamworth who is in pig with our Berkshire so i am truly excited to see what she will produce. I believe this is quite a popular cross in NZ. i don't know but have a good feeling about the Tamworth x Berkshire.

Anyway Karen I am a bit of a bloodline anorak here in France and would love to know what Berkshires you have and what semen you have used.


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Re: Gilt bleeding with AI ?
« Reply #16 on: June 05, 2011, 05:53:49 pm »
Hi Nelson  :wave:

No worries - I'm a bit of a bloodline anorak too  ;)
She's an Excelsa and it's Nama Abel semen from Deerpark. It'll be interesting to see how many 'lookers' I get from the litter (I hope for at least 1  :-\) Was the Lassiter and Orlando done via AI ? I don't know if Deerpark have a choice or if it's just the Nama Abel  ??? Will need to enquire further I think  ;) I'll also need to get my finger out and join the Berkshire Breeders Club to try and find some contacts hopefully a bit nearer to me too.
Interesting about the Pietrain cross. I know a man who breeds them and can't get any fat onto them at all, but I have heard that the Berkshires are prone to fat after pork size - maybe overfeeding in the latter stages of finishing ? My wee Berkshire was shown recently (and won 3rd overall for Best in Show  ;D) but the judge commented that she was a bit lean  :-\ Now it seems like the rock and the hard place scenario  ??? Want them fit and well for breeding purposes, yet he seems to disagree  :-[
I think a Tamworth gilt/sow to a Berkshire boar would be fine (being that Tamworths are bigger pigs anyway) but don't know how the Tamworth boar would do on the Berkshire gilt  :-\
Definately loads to think about !
Karen x


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Re: Gilt bleeding with AI ?
« Reply #17 on: June 11, 2011, 09:48:44 am »
Hi Karen :wave:

The "Lassiters" were born yesterday - we AI our sow back in February with 1 bottle of semen. It was a bit hit and miss.  We had 9 nine healthy piglets. She is such a trooper. The Lassiter bloodline is a new addition to the 'nama abel' and 'orlando' at Deerpark. Have to say there are some crackers there ;D but then I would. ;)


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Re: Gilt bleeding with AI ?
« Reply #18 on: June 11, 2011, 12:35:54 pm »
Oh, there are some crackers - I agree  ;) ;D
Thanks for the info - I may enquire about the Lassiter sperm if this batch hasn't worked. Hope your piglets continue to thrive !
Karen  :wave:


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Re: Gilt bleeding with AI ?
« Reply #19 on: June 11, 2011, 03:43:05 pm »
Just want to do a PS  :o went to the market this morning came back later and checked on piglets - more afterbirth and another 2 piglets :o - we thought we had two afterbirths but clearly not ??? ??? Mum is really tired now but feeding the 11 okay - I just hope there is some of the early goodness in the milk for the latecomers.

Yours forever learning
Nelson  :wave:


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