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Title: Welsh Black & Coloured Welsh Cattle - Carmarthenshire
Post by: Barcud on October 18, 2016, 08:13:03 pm
Looking to reduce my herd to finish rennovating the house - I've been given an ultimatum!
Welsh Black Heiffer - 30 months. Pedigree from good line. Haven't put her in calf as she was promised to someone and then it didn't happen. She's bulling regularly
Welsh Black Cow - 8 yrs old. Graded up and all her calves are full pedigree. Red heiffer calf at heel , August born
Belted Welsh Black cow - 5 yrs old.   White steer at heel July born.
Father of both claves a White Welsh bull.
For more info on coloured Welsh cattle - (
All good temperament. Grazed on low input pasture. Out wintered. TB free herd.
For more info contact Mike at