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Title: Land Images to Help Determine Tractor Type Needed
Post by: Markus99 on February 26, 2021, 02:04:35 pm
Hello all,

All new to this so please make allowances!   :)

If all goes well we should have a circa 11 acre plot of land which is essentially contoured moorland fields contained behind a stone wall. We we wish to keep it as moorland as a conserved ammenity (not "farmed"). Possibly create a small area for 2 - 5 campers.

On the assumption we don't have livestock in, we look to purchase a small tractor with I guess a flail mower to cut pathways and keep saplings away and keep in check the ferns. I guess we are looking at a unit with nominal horsepower of between 25-35HP? There is also a 1.5 acres more formal garden of grass but it's not a "lawn" - ideally the tractor would do this too if it could take the Ag tyres woithout too much issue. Now I've added some images taken this winter to illustrate the topography and status of the land, vegetation etc. Comments and recommendations welcome. Thanks.