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Title: Landlegend compact tractor
Post by: Blosmai on September 13, 2021, 05:57:26 pm
 i am a retired land lover who is downsizing and will  have just over an acre of land. I was looking at compact tractors and wanted one around 40hp with a front end loader. i went on Friday to look at the landledgend and was impressed. Before i put a deposit on one can you advise what you think of them please. I can see that its been 6 years since they were mentioned on here last.
Many thanks
Title: Re: Landlegend compact tractor
Post by: PaulStaffs on September 14, 2021, 12:54:38 pm
Hi David

Just my two cents but dependant on the implements you hope to run, I think you might find the horsepower on a compact is a little underwhelming. I plan to buy a machine myself but will go for an older unit with higher horsepower, as it won’t be doing big hours.

Apologies if this response is unhelpful and I can’t personally comment on the brand you’ve mentioned but i just said wanted to encourage you make sure the machine has enough ‘grunt’ to do what you need of it, run what what you want etc.
Title: Re: Landlegend compact tractor
Post by: arobwk on September 14, 2021, 08:21:16 pm
I have to disagree with PaulStaffs - 1 acre might not even be compact tractor territory !!  And a 40hp tractor is really quite adequate for a whole load of op's on a small acreage.  However .... 

... depends what you want to do @Blosmai.  If you want to churn sod or cut grass regularly, then maybe just keep any big tractor and any Cat 2 implements you might have already. (Many of my neighbours manage really small meadows with their big kit.) 

What is it you want to do on your remaining circa 1 acre please ??
Can't offer comment on Landlegend although I noted, once, that they were advertising a "UK tweaked" Chinese product for the UK market. 
Title: Re: Landlegend compact tractor
Post by: Goatherd on September 21, 2021, 04:19:36 am
 I did have a Landledgend 40hp with loader they are a new name from the red donfeng group
 had a lot of problems clutch needed replacing spool vales leaked wiring mountings seat runner the tractor was purchased new from uk dealer who didn't want to konw or help it was fixed by our John Deere guy .
Don't have it now could have been just bad luck Now have old David Brown.