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Author Topic: Hi from south lanarkshire newbie ( or should I say hope to be newbie)  (Read 9918 times)


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Hi All

Been researching into having a small holding and having a more renewable lifestyle for some time and decided it's time to get going.
Ideally I would like some land near eastkilbride and when I look around it amazes me how much land is lying unused and worse it seems very difficult to firstly get some land and secondary be allowed/get permission to use it for this type of lifestyle.
Seems odd to me that we are constantly encouraged to go green, use renewable and recycle etc by the government but when you try to really embrace the lifestyle the local government seems to not only not encourage you but make it very difficult. Maybe it is just me and I don't know how to go the right way around getting permission,with that in mind I'd love to hear back from anyone who has dealt with this issue in Scotland as maybe I am missing something obvious.
Has anyone tried aquaponics as I am really thinking about getting a small system set up to try out in my small yard as it looks like a good way of growing things even if you have a more industrial type of land.
Could go on and on but will leave it at that and hope to hear from some of you especially if your local.
Many Thanks

Lesley Silvester

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 :wave: welcome from Shropshire. Good luck in your search.


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Hi from West Lothian!
I haven't been on this site for a long long time, and have muddled on and learned  not nearly enough about looking after sheep but would love to get to know some people nearby. You're not so far away! I too have been looking for land although not so much to live on but to start a wee animal sanctuary in my area.
I've been horrified by the way some animals are abandoned because of the cost of saving them. Hope you manage to find something.


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Hi from the opposite corner of S Lanarkshire  :wave:   Sorry I can't help with your question, good luck with finding the right place.  It took us two years, and that was buying an existing smallholding with house and land.  Don't give up.

I saw somewhere way back someone in the US who was doing aquaponics, and using fish to provide organic nutrient for the crop. Sounds worth investigating.  It might have been on You Tube.
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Hello from me too (also in S Lanark, right in the middle in Lesmahagow  ;):wave:

If you're hoping to find a bit of land and get planning permission to build, you'll struggle  ::) SLC planning dept are NIGHTMARES  :rant: but that's a whole other thread  :innocent:

Aquaponics sounds great, but not something I've looked into (I'm more of a grass and dirt kind of gal  ;D) We keep pigs, cattle and poultry (and the 'pet' pony and donkey  ::)) Keep looking, the right place will turn up sometimes takes a bit of imagination though  ;)
Karen  :wave:


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Welcome ggennett, from south of the border (just!)

Does anyone know whether Chapter 7 ever help people with planning issues north of the border?
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Thank for all your welcoming replies.
I fancy trying to live on a mobile unit of grid as I can not see me being able to afford to buy land. Since I am likely to be renting it I won't be looking to build on the land just have something like a caravan or movable housing unit.
No doubt siting either will be a hassle. Have seen a small not ideal plot with a ruin on it locally to where I am looking and think I will ask around the local farms and see what happens. I read somewhere if there had been a property on the site before it makes it easier to get mobile accommodation put in place.
Hope to catch you all later.


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 :wave: fom arbroath
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Hello & Welcome :)

i am still planning / thinking / hoping and wondering can I do it?  TAS is a great website for research :)


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I am new too  :wave:


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