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Advice Needed
« on: May 12, 2014, 03:49:46 pm »
Good Day to you all !

First time on here and u all look a friendly bunch so I thought I would ask for some help!!

I have 100K to spend on buying a few acres, field shelters and mobile log cabin.  easy I thought as all the companies selling such things are saying you don't need planning BUT OMG it turning into a nightmare !
having rung my local planning office to talk it through with him, basically his say saying I have to get permission to do anything to the land even thou its out of view from the road and with river frontage. (I do believe its green belt not that's stopped other things going on)

after speaking and hearing his words I decided to drive up and down the road to which there is a massive factory, house, farm and fields full of shacks and shelters and stables that are clearly NOT moveable.  so how come I am not aloud to breath on my land but others are doing what they want and even an huge ugly factory is aloud????????  everything I am proposing is hidden, not permanent  and in keeping with the surrounds (ie wooden).
some sites say u don't need anything for a static others say a certificate of lawfulness and the council saying full on planning!!!!!!!!!!

I don't want to waste my dads hard earned money on buying the land if I even breath whilst standing on it

any advice gladly received !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (am in notts/derby area)

 :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:


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Re: Advice Needed
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2014, 09:18:19 pm »
Hi There and welcome  :)  You might be better posting this in the coffee lounge as different users visit different threads.  You possible get a response there. :)


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Re: Advice Needed
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2014, 09:24:28 pm »
hi ocy .like ben says try coffee lounge perhaps welcome tas  :wave:


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Re: Advice Needed
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2014, 05:17:12 am »
I have just had to apply for change of use from agricultural field to domestic paddock and apply to have mobile container and field shelter. Tried unsuccessfully to go down the "but they're mobile route" without being too challenging as I didn't want to make an enemy of them because they have got you by the short and curlies.

It's defiantly rules for some and rules for others

Welcome by the way :wave: and good luck .
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Re: Advice Needed
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2014, 08:29:06 am »
 :wave: and welcome.

Nobody can just buy a bit of land and live on it ... thank goodness or the countryside would already be ruined ... planning is there for good reason. It does vary from council to council what is allowed and what needs planning. Statics and wooden cabins maybe mobile (a mobile log cabin would have wheels)  but any services connected and they are deemed permanent .. companies who sell them will tell you anything!
It can be done but with a lots of agro. 

Good luck


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Re: Advice Needed
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2014, 11:50:18 am »
Good day and welcome ocy1974.

You might want to take a look here;

What do you intend doing with the land? You'll need to check with the local authority about any local rulings regarding field shelters but generally, if they are 'moveable' and not on a prepared base, they should be OK. :fc:

Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you see - " farm and fields full of shacks and shelters and stables that are clearly NOT moveable", that you can automatically do the same! There are different rules and regulations in force when it comes to established farms and agricultural holdings.

When you mention "land" and "mobile living accommodation" in the same breath, then I'm afraid you're in the hands of the gods i.e. the planners! :innocent:
Some guidance here;

Good luck!
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Re: Advice Needed
« Reply #6 on: May 15, 2014, 12:38:19 pm »
where abouts are you? have you considered scottish croft land? they appear to be more helpful in rebuilding croft houses.


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Re touer caravan on my land
« Reply #7 on: May 21, 2014, 09:37:27 pm »
I've had other caravan on my agriculture land for twelve years we just use when were working up there we have never sleepy in it but have had planning enforcement officer after me .if we take seats out so it can't go into a bed we can keep for agriculture use if we don't we have to apply for planning permission I'm still trying to get my head around this


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