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2nd time around
« on: June 27, 2015, 11:46:19 pm »
Hi everyone,
My names Carol, I have a field in Falkirk, which was once a smallholding and hopefully will be again in the near future. I studied agriculture at Oatridge college and organic farming methods at SAC,  but although I've kept livestock it's only been as pets. I fell into livestock keeping ( literally) I rented a farmhouse during the foot and mouth outbreak and was asked by the shepherd. If I'd check his lambing ewes regularly, which I did and as a result ended up with 3 pet lambs. When my tenancy was up I had nowhere to keep the now adult sheep so rented this piece of land, which eventually the farmer agreed to sell me. At its peak I had 22 lambs who were all hand reared, as well as English, Sannon, angora and toggenburgs goats, saddleback. Pigs and various types of poultry and problem was however I got too attached as did the kids so all of the animals died of natural causes except for the pigs which were eventually sold on.
After being widowed 5 years ago and returning to life in the city I decided to give smallholding another go, this time though I can do things my way, without compromising, and YES I'm a bit of a perfectionist and don't believe in doing something unless I give it 100% so since all my building were burnt down by some total moron and my polytunnels etc pinched, Im now doing a clean up and start again. But this time there's no animals allowed until sheds are up and land is sorted as first time round we already had stock which made it quite difficult getting shelters etc sorted and of course my sheep had to have their shelter,  because after studying sheep I honestly believe they prefer a shelter, they don't mind a wee bit rain but as soon as it gets heavy. Or the winds coming too they head for shelter, although most farmers disagree mine definitely preferred shelter given the choice, so battling with the planners then animals shed and barn to be erected,field topped, rounded up, ploughed, sprayed and reseeded ally next autumn ready for my first heifers, gimmers and goats to arrive. Hope your all. Enjoying your holdings and remembering to take time for yourselves.Happy rearing,growing and harvesting  :excited:
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Re: 2nd time around
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 :wave: Hi from sunny Moray. The Shetlands say 'Hello, how you doin?'

It's nice to see you here - good luck with your smallholding.



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Re: 2nd time around
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Another big hello from sunny Moray :wave:
Castlemilk Moorit sheep and Belted Galloway cattle, plus other hangers on.

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Re: 2nd time around
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 :wave: hello from  :sunshine: Shropshire.


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Re: 2nd time around
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Hi from Cwmbran in Wales  :wave:

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Re: 2nd time around
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Hi Carol, I'm on a smallholding just along the road near Blackness and I've been through all the putting up barns and planning permission stuff with Falkirk Council so if I can help with any advice then feel free to give me a shout.


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Re: 2nd time around
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Hello,welcome and good luck from Devon :wave:


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Re: 2nd time around
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Welcome :wave:


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Re: 2nd time around
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Hello and welcome  :wave:


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Re: 2nd time around
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HI  :wave:
Hope second time round goes well for you  :)


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