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Title: Buying Used Tractor
Post by: Wendy Lakehouse on August 22, 2016, 03:50:07 pm
I don’t know much about tractors and I am looking for one that can spread gravel and dirt, use a post whole digger with and a brush hog. I have looked at some of the following tractors ( and I am not sure which one is right for me? The models I am currently most interested in are the John Deere 750,790 and 870. Any other models you would suggest? I would like something that can be maneuvered easily in the forest and that I can operate easily. I need this for home use on a 16 acre piece of land. For the moment I am looking at the $6500-$13,000 range of used tractors. I don't want to buy a machine that is too small or too big. What are good hours to look for? What else should I look for when buying a used tractor so I don't end up buying something that won't last long? All help is appreciated.
Title: Re: Buying Used Tractor
Post by: oor wullie on August 24, 2016, 06:47:56 am

No-one else seems to be answering so I will try.

How do you plan to spread gravel?  With a bucket on a front loader or by pushing bit with a blade on the back of the tractor?  If you are using a front loader you may want a slightly bigger tractor so that it is more stable when you have a heavy bucket of gravel on the front.

Most old tractors are fundimentally pretty reliable due to their simplicity.  I have a 1958 Fordson that has done all the work on the croft for the last 3 years,  you have to be willing to basic jobs like changing leaking oil seals though.
Old tractors might not have power steering and their hydraulics might be a bit basic for running a post hole borer.

My 30hp tractor runs a 4ft flail mower no problem over most ground but the engine has to work really hard when mowing thick rushes.  I don't think I would want less than 30hp for my situation.

I am not familiar with the John Deere range or with the used market in the US (apologies if I am wrong in assuming you are in the US) but JD do have a good reputation.
Title: Re: Buying Used Tractor
Post by: pgkevet on August 24, 2016, 12:01:25 pm
..looking at uk websites implies resident UK?
Several things to consider... a cab allows more practical use when the weather's poor but adds to cost. A front loader does give more flexibility in use but means smaller front wheels and therefore less stable on slopes and banks with ruts and holes. You can add back weights or ballast tyres with water to add mass and counter a bucket. An alternative to a bucket is a link box at the back and reverse into gravel heaps.

If dragging a topper through heavy scrub you might need more power. My 43HP TYM was down to low gear just getting through a years thick growth of grass rough on the flat yeaterday (the bits too scruffy for hay making) although you can do two passes.. the first with the topper slightly raised on the 3-point.