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Title: static caravan for a workshop
Post by: Kerrycelt on July 03, 2016, 01:07:46 pm
My name's Kerry,
I am in the process of buying just over 2 acres in West Cornwall, where I come from. I had almost given up on finding somewhere i could afford, with the small living inheritance my parents had given me when they downsized from their own smallholding. I would like to create a horticultural business and not rush to acquire livestock as it doesn't have residential use, and I want to take my time to build things up without drawing too much attention, as I would hope to live there part time, off grid, gradually. I have travelled with horses in the past, and am interested in fostering rescue ponies or donkeys for the grazing, would love to have chickens again, and always wanted goats- a tradition of the area, though i am fully aware of the damage goats can cause to trees, etc.
My strongest feeling is to run a project with a care farm approach to engage people in building up the gardens and infrastructure, to hold spiritual retreats and healing camps/workshops, and develop the projects I am already running, hosting events for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. I also work in event catering and run craft workshops for kids at festivals, all could be incorporated in a project on the land.
I've looked into forming an unincorporated association to facilitate camps on land for up to 60 days a year instead of 28 days. I have ideas for low impact facilities to provide the basics for camping, all off grid, methods i am familiar with from the years I lived as a traveller, living in a perma-culture community and a college course in sustainable construction. I currently live 7m from the land.
Any tips , advice or previous experience in support or warning would be gratefully received. My main question at this point is about static caravans. I am aware that a caravan is not considered development, I am allowed a caravan on land for agricultural purposes, ie to shelter, eat meals or wash when working on the land. I am also able to create a workshop /storage space. There is already a 16x8 ft shed on the land, I believe as class B land - (over 0.4 but under 5 hectares), I can extend it by 10%, but cannot erect a new shed without permission/ proof of need,(?), so could I site a static as a workshop /storage non-residential and a small tourer for shelter/meals? And crucially, do I need to tell the council if caravans are not classed as permitted development?