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Title: Feeding my new goats
Post by: Calvadnack on September 10, 2013, 03:02:49 pm
I didn't want to hijack the previous feeding thread, but could I get some advice on which of the MoleValley range would be most suitable for my new goats who will be arriving soon (totally over-excited !!)

One is a 2 year Timyon Saanen who is currently fed A&P Dairy goat mix at a low level, as she is a maiden milker who they were starting to dry off before I managed to buy her.  I would like to gradually raise her milk production.
The other is a January born Golden Guernsey kid who is being fed Duchy Calf mix and she really needs feeding up a bit.
They are both also fed rolled barley as well as the usual hay.
The girls will be outside on good grazing with supplementary branches.
I really like the idea of avoiding anything with a picture of a goat on the packet and the higher price tag!

Any advice would be very much appreciated as these are my first goats (I've had Shetland sheep for a few years) and after joining the local goatkeepers group, there seem to be so many different approaches.
Thanks - Sue
Title: Re: Feeding my new goats
Post by: wytsend on September 10, 2013, 04:49:27 pm
The rcommended feed....which I Rapid Grower.   Which despite its name, has all the essential elements for quality growth in goats.  Whereabouts are you ?   
I have a Timyon male at stud, as well males with Dutch Saanen blood.
I am close to Okehampton, Exeter side.
Title: Re: Feeding my new goats
Post by: Anke on September 10, 2013, 05:35:04 pm
Why does the GG kid need feeding up? Be careful not to overfeed on proteins, GG's grow quite a bit slower than other breeds.
My kids are fed a mix of soaked shreds, rolled oats (can't get barley round here) and calf mimx (18% protein). Mine are also still on a bottle of milk (1 pint) per day - plus of course hay, grass, branches.
Are you planning to continue milking the maiden milker or putting her in kid? If not - why? She would be an excellent milker once kidded I would have thought?
If you are not feeding a goat-specific mix you will need Red Rockies plus some other goat supplement (or a sheep drench with added copper) for minerals,vitamins etc
Title: Re: Feeding my new goats
Post by: Calvadnack on September 10, 2013, 07:10:38 pm
Hi Wytsend - I've seen your stud list in the Cornwall Goatkeepers newsletter and would be very interested for next season.  I'm in West Cornwall and don't yet have suitable transport for a visit this year - only access to a very large sheep trailer! Also, she might not have her CAE testing up to date, depending on if the current owner has time before bringing her over.  Although she was tested last year.

Hi Anke - I've dithered about putting the Saanen in kid this year, she's very well grown (actually she's just drop-dead gorgeous!) but I'm without suitable transport just yet.  The previous owner hasn't been able to stop her producing milk so I'd like to make sure she's getting the right balance of food and also make the most of the opportunity to milk her.

The GG kid had an upset tummy after coming down from Norfolk, so she's lost some condition, nothing drastic, but she's been wormed and is on the calf mix and I'd like to continue with a good quality feed.  The red Rockies I'll definitely use and I was also considering the Brinicombes that Wytsend mentioned in the other thread.