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Title: Mosaics from old tiles
Post by: Tullywood Farm on July 21, 2009, 10:29:41 pm

I make mosaics and table tops from old tiles - its great to recycle broken and old tiles and is also a good way to make colour on barbeque, patio and outdoor furniture that is washable afterwards.  You can also make panels for you bathroom or above your range that are personal to you and your home.

I have some photos of what I have made and could post some.

If anyone wants to know what tools to use and how to do it just let me know - I have loads of books on the subject - love to mosaic, and would love to talk about it too ::) ;D

Title: Re: Mosaics from old tiles
Post by: doganjo on July 21, 2009, 10:31:53 pm
Sounds great, Julie - why not give us some details and photos?
Title: Re: Mosaics from old tiles
Post by: Tullywood Farm on July 22, 2009, 12:36:31 am
Hi Annie

I will start with a small one - easy to do.


Get a nice man, or you could do it yourself if you have the tools, to cut you out a nice shape with a hole either round or square in the middle.

If it is for outside a piece of marine ply would be the best, as it will last longer.

Once you have your shape, paint it on reverse side and edges with one of the main colours that you wish to use. (Gloss or eggshell work best).

Get some old tiles, and put them in a sack or empty meal bag, and smash them with a hammer 

( best to do this if someone has annoyed you - great joy - and relieves stress)

Do not get carried away and only end up with crumbs though, you need pieces at least 1-2 inch in size.

Arrange your tiles on the shape, leaving space for grout around them, all over as if it was finished.  Move pieces and colours until you are happy and try to keep the gaps equal by
using small tile cutters and nibblers to shape your bits of tile, I sometimes shape some into hearts, or shapes for a fish or pattern for around the edge. (This one has a circle at the top).

Once you have covered the shape with your pieces and you are happy with the colours and distribution of shapes, start in one area, lifting the shape and putting durabond glue on the back, then replacing it until all pieces are glued down.

Leave for at least 24 hours to set, the glue will turn from white to clear.

When totally dry, mix some grout.  I used white grout but coloured it.

I used green and blue acrylic paint to colour the grout a jade green colour which matched the gloss that I had used to paint the edges and back of the mirror.

Grout the whole area, shaping the edge smooth with a sponge.  Let it dry for an hour, then sponge over the whole surface gently to remove excess grout and reveal the tile shapes.

Once the grout has set, gentle rubbing with a cloth or sponge will remove excess grout and show your tile shapes.

Then go to your local builders providers or Hardware shop and have a piece of mirror made to fit the hole in the back of the piece.  If you have a router you could route the back so that the mirror sits in the back rather than on it, but both work well.

Add two brass eyelets and brass cord and hang wherever you wish.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, you could put flowers around the mirror. 

I use glass beads that are in pound shops for flower arranging, and coloured stones from the garden centre, you could also use shells collected on the beach and buttons or beads, all will glue and grout - get creative - its a unique piece when finished and great to make something yourself.

Julie x
Title: Re: Mosaics from old tiles
Post by: doganjo on July 22, 2009, 11:32:39 am
That's quite inspiring, may well give it a go - but the little pup in the foreground is very distracting(you could probably guess I'm dog daft!) - cavalier pup and Mum?
Title: Re: Mosaics from old tiles
Post by: Tullywood Farm on July 23, 2009, 12:52:24 am
Hello Annie

I am dog daft too - the big dog is the father, my Max, who sadly was poisoned at Christmas by someone who had put out badger poison on the mountain.

The little puppy is his son, who we sold, but my girl Ruby, pictured on the left with my daughter, was his sister and we still have her - she is spoilt, will not eat dog food, and believes she is a person, and should be fed and looked after like one.

When I came back from my little holiday she whimpered and licked me for forty minutes - nice to be loved and missed aawwwww :love: :love: :love: :love: :D :D :D