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Title: York Auction Centre Spring Rare Breed Sale Report (27th April 2013)
Post by: Rosemary on May 02, 2013, 07:24:24 pm

On Saturday 27 April York Auction Centre held its 10th Annual Spring Rare Breed Sale of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry and waterfowl.

In the cattle section there were 92 cattle entered including Beef and Dairy Shorthorns Belted Galloways British White, Dexters, Gloucesters, Herefords, Higlands, Irish Moiled, Longhorns, Red Poll and Shetlands.

Top price was 980 gns for a longhorn Cow Hawthorn Honet with a heifer calf at foot shown by Mr A Wiles from Kirksmeaton

A British White heifer from Mr P Mellor of Wheldrake made 900 gns and a second British White heifer sold for 850gns. Ms HMM &HP Langthorne of Northallerton sold his Northern Dairy Shorthorn Bull for 860gns

A Gloucester heifer from Ms J Todhunter of Preston and a Hereford Cow with a steer calf at foot from Ms T Janie of Doncaster both sold for 820gns

Beleted Galloways averaged 675gns

British Whites averaged 752 gns

Gloucesters averaged 700 gns


In the pig section there was a smaller entry with than previous years which met an increased demand. Top price was 350 gns for a Pietraim Boar from Mr Mr Sangar of Barnsley

A Gloucester Old Spot sow from Mr Vipond of Whitby sold for 340 gns Mr Vipond also sold 2 more Gloucester Sows for 290 gns.

In the weaner section top price was 52 gns each for a pen of 5 Saddleback weaners from K Mathews of Pickering


Sheep and Goats were very much in demand from a large audience of prospective purchasers.

Top price was 321 gns each for 2 Grey Faced Dartmoor Gimmer Shearlings  shown by J J Hampstead of  Boston Lincolnshire 

Other notable prices included

255 gns for a Kerry Hill Ewe offered by J Broadhead Driffield

225 gns for a Jacob Gimmer with 2 lambs at foot shown by R & F E Verity York

192 gns Ryeland Gimmer Shearling shown by S & C Booth Gainsborough

Jacob Gimmer Shearlings averaged 161 gns

Kerry Hill Ewe Lambs averaged 241 gns

Ryeland Gimmer Shearlings averaged 154 gns

Southdown Gimmer Shearlings averaged 125 gns

Teeswater Gimmers averaged 94 gns

Welsh Ewe lambs averaged 74 gns

Hebridean Ewes averaged 85 gns

Hebridean Gimmers averaged 104 gns

Top Price goat was a 150 gns for an Anglo Nubian Female with a kid at foot from Mr I Fenton

Goats averaged 62 gns

In the poultry section the Best in Show award went to a trio of pure bred Light Sussex from B & D Thompson which sold for £70

Top price was £175 for a trio of Copper Black Marans shown by M Pickering

Other top prices included


£110 pair Buff Orpingtons

£155 trio Blue White Polands

£95 pair Black Sumatra

£95 pair Buff Orpingtons

£88 pair Rhode Island Red

£85 pair Rhode Island Red

£85 trio Copper Black Marans

£85 3 female Transylvanian Naked Neck

Top price in the waterfowl section was £70 for 2 female Blue Fawn Call ducks

And £50 for a pair of Rouen

Title: Re: York Auction Centre Spring Rare Breed Sale Report (27th April 2013)
Post by: sabrina on May 02, 2013, 10:01:54 pm
Prices look to be pretty good all round, well to me anyway.
Title: Re: York Auction Centre Spring Rare Breed Sale Report (27th April 2013)
Post by: Buffy the eggs layer on May 03, 2013, 12:11:52 pm
The prices were a little high in some cases but if some one has their eye on something.... As a ryeland breeder I was encouraged by the price of the ryelands and plan to enter my two white ryeland tups there in Oct unless I sell them before.
The supply had a bearing on price I think as there were alot of dexters available which ended up reducing the overall price of the breed . Also the growth rates of some stock which clearly hadnt been supplimented to counteract the implications of the past years grass shortage ment that the ones that had been well tended really stood out and commanded higher prices as a result.
The thing about auction is that it really does depend on the day. I would be interested to see the prices at similar sales around the country to compare.
Title: Re: York Auction Centre Spring Rare Breed Sale Report (27th April 2013)
Post by: jaykay on May 04, 2013, 10:22:27 am
It seems an interesting time to have a sale, when most folk for miles around will be up to their ears in lambing.......I'd have gone but I was lambing!