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Title: . Cotswolds ?
Post by: RUSTYME on February 09, 2013, 12:12:32 am
Not ready yet , but will be later this year , fingers crossed  , i like cotswolds , would they be ok for where i am and what i want .
I am near Lampeter Wales , so it is wet !
I know , seals may be a more appropriate animal , but they stink of fish !
So , cotswolds , will their feet cope with the Somme like mud ?
Next , will the wool be what i am after ?
I want to spin for knitting  , machine preferably , as i can't knit with needles , and for weaving into cloth and some rugs .
Surplus sheep/lambs will go for home use meat , for me and family , and skins for home cured rugs coats etc .
I only want 4 or 5 and they will be on 6 acres in rotation with my 3 horses . Supplementary feed will be haylage and home grown root veg , no bought in nuts etc .
They will be hand sheared/scalped by me , most likely at a rate of 1 a day or maybe a week , depending on hand/shoulder/back/vertigo/hip/knee ..... The list goes on . 
I know they are big buggers , but the little ones  are too quick for me to catch as a rule !