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Title: BARF: local suppliers of offal (where to get)
Post by: niall_b73 on October 17, 2012, 03:56:55 pm
hi all, i am new to the fourm which i just happened to come across on an internet search.
anyway, i have a 1 year old springer spaniel bitch and she is a bit of a fussy eater.
i have had her on the wet food and now the dry and she is never fussed about either.
having looked online i came across the barf diet for dogs and having further researched into it i think this is the way forward for her.

i have the ingredients noted down and the method of making it all in my head from watching youtube and from contacting others that are already feeding it to their dogs.

my only question now i guess is where would my best place be to source the offal that i need for the barf.
i ideally would be looking for the like of green tripe, beef tongue, ox and sheep's heart and the like.
i no i can get most of this from the local butcher but i am thinking if i got it direct for the supplier myself and froze any excess it might work out cheaper.

so does anybody know of any abattoirs near bundoran in co. donegal in ireland or
any place cheap where i could source items on the cheap.

many thanks for looking and your help.
Title: Re: BARF: local suppliers of offal (where to get)
Post by: colliewoman on October 17, 2012, 05:19:53 pm
Try Landywoods they'll deliver to your door :thumbsup: (
Oh pooh, just seen you be in Ireland? Might be worth ringing them anyway :fc:
Title: Re: BARF: local suppliers of offal (where to get)
Post by: artscott on October 19, 2012, 01:31:01 pm
A spaniel that doesn’t eat? I ’ve never heard of that mythical beast.
I had an old Boxer dog who was similar though, tried everything including chopping off his bits, even had the RSPCA called once because he was so skinny.  In the end the problem solved it’self by me looking after a friends two other dogs.  Suddenly he had competition for food, and within a couple of weeks he had put on a lot of weight and looked normal. After they left carried right on and would eat anything dry or wet
You could always try borrowing another dog for a while to see if it works