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Title: Welcome to the forum
Post by: Dan on September 12, 2011, 02:10:43 pm

A very warm welcome to The Accidental Smallholder forums.

The forum Administrator is Dan, and the forum is kept running smoothly by a small team of moderators (

These forums are a place where members help one another, advertise livestock or equipment, and participate in general banter about smallholding. There's also a Coffee Lounge where you can unwind or share a joke or two.

Please abide by the forum rules. They aren't draconian, but we still have them to try to make the forum an enjoyable place for all members and visitors. If you see anything on the forum you find offensive or think shouldn't be there, please report it (there's a link to report to moderator on every post).

The forums are only one part of the TAS website. We've got articles and guides about livestock and horticulture, an events diary, recipe database, smallholding link directory, gallery, a diary and coming soon is a TAS shop.

Thank you for visiting us. We hope you will find our forums useful and have fun along the way.  :)

Dan & Rosemary