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Title: Hi to you all.
Post by: carl on October 22, 2007, 02:12:56 pm
hi, i am so glad I stumbled across the accidental smallholder. I suppose i have accidentally started smallholding myself. we moved out of a suburban town house to a converted barn with 51/2 acres and i have taken up the rural pursuits of my childhood again. we have three pigs g.o.s. , 4 geese, various chickens( some new ones being born to replace ones which go to the pot ( cockerels) or to freinds and neighbours to start them of with eggs) there are sheep on one field (not my stock but keeping the grassm in order) and i have a few fruit trees, a greenhouse and a veg patch. still working full time so i keep myself busy. i have read lots of books on small holding, animals , poultry etc, but it is still better to hear real stuff from the likes of dan and rosemary, and compare notes.