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Title: Mastitis - again?!
Post by: Anke on June 27, 2011, 10:05:47 pm
My 3 year old BT type milker seems to have come down with (sub-clinical) mastitis again. She had a massive drop in yield just after coming home from the show, and the milk went gooey with washing up liquid. I treated her for 5 days with 5ml Pen & Strep into muscle, and her yields went up, milk was clear after day two.

However (a week later) - today I noticed again that her milk just doesn't flow well through the filter, and on doing the washing up liquid test it was gooey again... (There are no other signs in the milk, it tastes fine, her udder is fine, not hard, hot or anything..).

1) Can anyone suggest if I would be better treating her with Terramycin or Mycotil?

2) Would a test of the actual milk reveal which bacteria are involved? My vet book doesn't seem clear on this, so I don't know if taking in a sample would be useful.

3) The capriclense finally arrived on Friday, which dilution use people for using it as an teat dip (Not very clear on the bottle)? Would using it as a spray (in the same dilution) be better, as it would mean that I do not get the problem of bacteria accumulating in the dip? (I use a spray (Bactacil) for my navels for the same reason, as recommended to me instead of an iodine based dip)

Other than that I will blitz her pen (again...), just getting short on straw by now...