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Title: Insurance and diversification
Post by: honeyend on November 21, 2020, 10:35:29 am
I use Greenlands insurance, which covers for up to seven camping tents, I have never used it. The 28 day rule was extended this year to 52 days, and I think it may be extended next year, so I was thinking of planning some pop-up events, probably small scale weddings as most of the larger venues not reducing their charges in line with how many people are allowed to attend, and what activities attendees can actually take part in. ( have been browsing for suitable event insurance, but does anyone have any experience with this sort of insurance? Online quotes so far are about £400, but I am more concerned about getting the right cover. I will be speaking to my regular broker but each one seems to have a speciality
Title: Re: Insurance and diversification
Post by: landroverroy on November 21, 2020, 07:24:29 pm
I have my farm insured with the NFU, and they also cover my diversification projects ie wedding events (we've only had 1), jet skiing and 3 glamping pods. I'm pretty sure it doesn't come to £400 extra for the latter.
Title: Re: Insurance and diversification
Post by: arobwk on November 21, 2020, 09:50:51 pm
Extension of 28 day rule to 56 days very interesting:  I hadn't heard.  Would be good if, indeed, extended into 2021 or beyond.  [ Especially for folk constrained by overage clauses on their land relating to tourism use requiring planning permission. ]

Being a critic of Cornwall's dependency (without much control) on tourism, I really would not wish to (wouldn't) add to the main-season hordes, but a bit of out-of-season flexibility over 56 days could be really quite useful.  Food for thought, thanks honeyend, should the 56 day rule be extended beyond 2020!