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Title: verge mowers
Post by: Hjcarter on August 12, 2019, 11:25:52 am
I'm looking at a new mower for cutting under trees in an orchard.

My thoughts are to go for a verge flail mower as it should mulch what is cut, be manouverable enough to reach under trees and be able to do a couple of other jobs such as facing off hedges and mowing banks and ditches.

A rotary topper won't mulch and can only do one job - similar thinking with a bespoke orchard mower.

It needs to be wide as we're working 5 meter alleys and I don't want to do more than 2 passes per alley per cut. Currently using a 2 meter flail but the offset just isn't enough.

It seems like the majority of mowers are either made in Europe or China - I'm hesitant about Chinese manufactured for a number of reasons but mainly quality. As always it's a compromise on quality, design & price.

I've looked at the Bowel mowers, they seem to have the right design bits like rear inspection hatch and changeable counter cutters. Has anyone got one of these? If so what's your experience of them...