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Title: Blueberry strudel
Post by: pgkevet on August 11, 2019, 05:04:00 pm
Start by accepting I'm a lazy git so i didnlt make my own filo pastry - although to be fair I have done in the past but when ya see how cheap it is to buy compard to the DIY effort...
The problem with the blueberry recipes on't web is they're mostly cloyingly sweet as i discovered with a pie recipe few days ago.
I have a glut of in picking over a kilo a day and V is away. Yeah, some are bottled in brandy and some frozen but i don't like frozen one's much.
So: Chuck some blueberries into a glass bowl in microwave so they cook, burst and juice themselves - a few mins only. Allow to cool enough for taste testing and add only as much sugar as you really need - tasting as you go. A sprinkle of powdered cinnamon +/- lemon juice is optional.

Once you've got it right spoon off enough juice without bits to mix with cornflour as a thickener (I used 3-4 heaped teaspoons to my 1/2 kilo batch) remix into main batch then simmer long enough to really get the cornflour sorted without floury uncooked taste and the mixture thickened. Toss a few whole berrie in before you finish to let them join the party whole. When cooled mine looked almost like  block of jelly..just a  bit softer.
I made mini strudels...take a sheet of filo, brush 1/2 with melted spread and fold over, brush the new surface... blob some of your mix at one end, fold over a bit of each side - rebrush exposed and then roll. About 20 mins in the oven at 200'ish but with a Rayburn it's a case of keeping checking.
I did have a leakage problem so in future i may use spring roll or samosa wrap methods instead of strudel wrap.
But very tasty