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Title: Free - hens and call ducks - Wetherby
Post by: landroverroy on July 28, 2019, 01:23:32 pm
I have been offered about 10 hens and 8 call ducks for free as the owner is moving house. The hens are mixed breed, apart from a nice Black Leghorn, and scruffy, but the call ducks are in good condition. I took 4 hens that were easy to catch yesterday, but couldn't be bothered to chase the rest round a muddy pen in the rain and just stress them out. Suggested to the owners that if they caught them at night it would make life a lot easier. Originally I said I'd take them all, not because I want any more, but to do them a favour, and because I felt sorry for the birds. I have plenty of room, and a lake for the ducks. But I really can't be bothered, as I have more than enough eggs with what I've got, and the ducks would probably get eaten by the fox. The 4 hens that I got yesterday look a lot better this morning in a dry building with room for a dust bath. They don't appear to have lice, or red mite - though I did douse them in louse powder last night. But they have scaly leg so I need to quarantine them from mine till I've treated them. (I use Ivomec.) This morning 2 of them had laid. They are actually quite pleasant friendly hens, just nothing special.  So, if anyone is interested in the rest of the hens and or the ducks, then give me your contact details and I'll pass them on. At the moment I'm feeling guilty about saying I don't want the rest, but I don't know the people and I'm actually making more effort to rehome their birds than they are.