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Title: Knee injury - advice requested
Post by: Nelson International on July 11, 2019, 06:23:57 pm
One of my ewes (with twins at foot) came down lame a little while ago. When there wasn't anything obvious in her hoof and she didn't improve, I had the vet take a look and it turned out to be something in her (back) knee joint. The vet put her on loxicom (eff. metacam I think), and said let's see if that helps her.

It does indeed mean that she's up and about the field, but she still limps and is still not as active as the rest of the flock. When I asked what would happen if she didn't recover, the vet muttered something about 'it might be a welfare issue, depends how much of a pet she is'.

It's been a just over a week since the initial visit. The vet is on holiday, else I'd ring her and chat about it, but my sense is that the jab does relieve her discomfort somewhat but she doesn't seem to be actually improving, so I wondered if anyone has experience with similar and what sort of timescale I should be thinking in, and what types of outcomes there might be? She's the pick of my flock, a great mother, etc etc, really hoping this is temporary.
Title: Re: Knee injury - advice requested
Post by: bj_cardiff on July 11, 2019, 08:09:40 pm
If she's had pain relief and is still lame then I then I think she must be in significant pain. I think you need to speak to the vet and ask about long term prognosis.

If he's uncertain then I'd give a fixed time to see an improvement and if none, I would wean the lambs as soon as possible and have her PTS. Culling her isn't really an option if she's lame, she shouldn't travel.
Title: Re: Knee injury - advice requested
Post by: twizzel on July 12, 2019, 08:13:03 am
I had a ewe go lame after tupping last year. Couldn’t pin point where in her back leg it was coming from, definitely not foot related. She was slower than most over the winter but was pretty sound but as the lambs grew she got progressively worse to the point her back legs went 3 weeks before lambing and I put her down. The vet thought arthritic changes. So even if you get her comfortable enough to stay in the flock don’t put her back in lamb. I’d put her down though in honesty.