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Title: Advice on hatching ducklings under a broody duck
Post by: KatieE on June 09, 2019, 10:02:04 pm
Hi there,
I am new here so apologises if I get anything wrong!
I have had hens and ducks for about 5 years now however currently have my first ever broody duck!
I have no drakes so have got some fertile eggs and put them under her. She has been sat on them 10 days now and I candled them today when she had nipped out for some food - looked to me like 6 out of 7 were developing :-)
Previously I hadn't though much about duckling care as I was worried none of the eggs would do anything but now I have lots of questions.......

Do I need to remove the one egg that didn't seem to be doing anything? I have read it can cause bacteria build up, however I am not sure I trust my candling ability!

A few people have said I need to spray the nest with water daily - she is nesting in a wooden box inside a wooden shed. Does the nest need regularly spraying with water? If so just once a day?

Currently she shares the shed with the 3 other ducks (no drakes). I am guessing when it gets close to hatching time I will need to house the other 3 ducks elsewhere? Or will they be ok together as they have always lived together and she has the box within the shed to call her own,,,,,

When/ if they hatch I guess I will need to keep them shut in the shed for a few days with food and water - but for how long?

My only experience of ducklings comes from a wild mallard (who lived with my domestic ducks as an orphaned duckling - long story!) but now comes back every spring, she nests in my neighbours hedge (one year his greenhouse!) then marches the ducklings over to mine as soon as they hatch. However I just leave her to it so am not sure how much to look after domestic ducks. (Although she does put the wild ducklings to bed every night in a duck house so I do shut the door to keep them safe from the fox......)

Any advice welcome
Katie  :&>