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Title: Mowing
Post by: Linn on May 29, 2019, 11:44:24 am

Looking for advice please on what is best to buy to mow the tracks around our farm. The tractor is ancient but we have a decent quad. Are ATV flail mowers any good? What should we be looking for? It's mainly for grass tracks, some nettles, nothing major. Preferably not too expensive. Ideally something we can buzz round with once a week and keep the place tidy. There is a ride on lawn mower but the box fills so quickly its useless for anything but lawn. Thanks
Title: Re: Mowing
Post by: arobwk on June 03, 2019, 02:21:45 pm
@Linn - I'm assuming from your post that your ride-on mower doesn't have options to configure it for a mulching or side-eject cut (?).  Whatever, have you tried it without the box installed whereby the cuttings are simply ejected out the rear onto the ground?? 
That said ...
 ... I'm not at all familiar with ride-on mowers and it might be that some will not work unless collection box is attached:  if that is the case, I'm sure a savvy machinery maintainer will be able to by-pass any built-in electrical circuitry. 

Of course the efficacy of this possible solution will depend on whether you are happy with the ground-speed and width of cut of your ride-on mower for the task of grass track maintenance.