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Title: Where there's a will..
Post by: pgkevet on March 31, 2019, 08:15:18 pm
The continuing saga of our pet sheep.
Folks may recall we gained a couple of new strays about 18mths ago. Nigella the suffolk came with a  small flock of 6 strays and I eventually tracked down their owner by which time Nigella had become such a tame sweetie that the owner gave her to us when i asked. Ewbie just somehow appeared in sanctuary field one day and V has her own brand of logic.. anything that gets in gets to stay. The only way in is a long plod up the stream with it's steep banks and while that's a gentle flow in summer in winter it's a torrent.

Of course both those ewes turned out to be pregnant with twins so the pet flock got bigger. The only ram lamb was castrated because we never intended to breed and no way would V ever sell a sheep for slaughter.
It was probably a bit before christams that V got herself in a tizzie over the Ewbie having her back covered in blood. We go see our pets every day and take a handful of treats for each and every day, of course, the whole flock turn up. Last years lambs have no manners and have knocked me over more than once.

There's times when it's hard to argue with V. I did try to point out that blood isn't that orange colour and we had an on-going discussion over anaemic and jaundiced blood and I still wasn't believed when i argued that blood would have changed colour and nature well before a couple of weeks while orange dye just fades.
I am vindicated by Ewbie becoming alarmingly large and showing the first signs of bagging up. So the little hussy found her way out of the field and back within 24 hrs as a pre-christmas prezzie to herself.

Hence the saying "Where there's a will there's a willie"
Title: Re: Where there's a will..
Post by: doganjo on April 03, 2019, 12:50:18 pm
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