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Title: ATV Harrows: Chain or Spring Tine
Post by: Maysie on February 27, 2019, 11:07:59 am
We are looking to get a harrow to pull behind our quad so we can do our own paddock and field maintenance. 

The general consensus (from what I have read online) seems to be that spring tine harrows are far more effective than a chain harrow and are therefore worth the additional cost. 
Has anyone any experience of both (using quad/ATV) and the differences they have noticed between chain and tine? 

Our ground is quite steep in places and quite bumpy due to many years of molehills and very little previous maintenance to the fields before our arrival.  We have about 15-18 acres to harrow.   

There are some cheapo tine harrows on ebay from local agri-fabricators, but these generally cannot be lifted off the ground to cross tracks etc, so I am looking at the Logic Pro spring tine harrow at the moment as the lead contender as I am a 'buy well/buy once' kind of person and like things to just 'work'. 
Title: Re: ATV Harrows: Chain or Spring Tine
Post by: shep53 on February 27, 2019, 12:28:46 pm
Spring tine every time , looks a good machine and very easy to use
Title: Re: ATV Harrows: Chain or Spring Tine
Post by: Maggy on February 27, 2019, 04:21:21 pm
We have both - we had the chain harrow first and whilst it is brilliant for levelling molehills it can't beat the spring tine harrow for scarifying and getting rid of moss.  We have the logic pro harrow and thought it was a tad expensive compared to others, but I can honestly say that it has been worth every penny.  It even has a different setting for a really aggressive going over when needed.  We also have have some steep ground but if the atv can cope, then so can the spring tines!
Title: Re: ATV Harrows: Chain or Spring Tine
Post by: Fleecewife on February 27, 2019, 06:32:37 pm
First off - it's a very large area to cover with a quad.  The tines look quite weeny and are only single with wide gaps so may not deal with your long established molehills.

We got ours recently for the self-same problem - years of molehills on top of molehills, on top of.....  Plus a few terrier diggings.  The ground had become a real bone shaker.  Our model is mounted on a three point linkage for manoeuvering (can't spell it) and the tines are double.  We have just done about 7 acres and it took several short mornings, but has made a big difference.  We'll see if we can get another pass before the ground nesting birds settle.  The spring tine rake is definitely the way to go, but maybe something with double tines if you want it to last and be thorough? 
Title: Re: ATV Harrows: Chain or Spring Tine
Post by: Scarlet.Dragon on February 27, 2019, 08:14:06 pm
I use a quad on 16 acres of permanent grassland.  Several years ago (maybe 8 or 9) I bought a "multi unit" from SCH.  It is a single "frame" which holds 3 20L water carriers for ballast, with changeable implements - roller, tine harrows and slitters.  It's done a reasonable job BUT:

- It originally came with a "garden tractor" hitch so I had to modify it to a tow-ball hitch;
- the slitters blunted really quickly on my ground (I don't have a good depth of soil and there's a lot of stone in the ground);
- the roller isn't really heavy enough to deal with badly poached ground;
- the frame on the harrows has broken this year and will need to be welded.  I've had no problem with the tines and I have had quite thick couch grass in places as well as a problem with dock.

Having said all that, it's done a decent job for almost a decade so I can't really complain as it wasn't massively expensive.

I don't know if that helps, and their engineering may well have moved on since I acquired mine.  Good luck and let us know what you end up with as I may well be in the market for a replacement in due course.
Title: Re: ATV Harrows: Chain or Spring Tine
Post by: Maysie on February 28, 2019, 09:18:34 am
Thank you all for the replies, which are all very helpful. 

The fields will not all be done at the same time due to rotational grazing, so the size of the acreage should (hopefully) be fine for us to deal with in smaller bites.  The main (frequent) use will be on a 4 acre/2 acre paddocks, the remainder of the pasture will be harrowed less frequently. 

I was worried about the spacing of the tines too, but their closely spaced version (the super harrow) is way OTT for what we need with the electric raise/lower etc.  The tines are all genuine Einbock, so they should be decent quality, unlike others on eBay etc and Logic are a reputable brand so I hope it should be very well made. 

The local supplier is offered to demonstrate the harrow on our fields, so based on Maggy's experiences we seem to have little to lose by having a demo.

Thanks again.
Title: Re: ATV Harrows: Chain or Spring Tine
Post by: Foobar on February 28, 2019, 02:16:33 pm
I have a towable 5ft spring tine harrow (with wheels so you flip it over onto the wheels for transporting).  I tie a couple of big logs on the top and it does a pretty good job.  Money well spent.  I have used chain harrows in the past but they are just to heavy to deal with and you need some spare space to "park them" (and then they get lost in the grass...:)).