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Title: Collie pup training help
Post by: doganjo on November 24, 2018, 01:30:50 pm
Hope someone can help.

My friend has an 8 month old border collie pup who she loves to bits (I do too, he has a lovely personality).  She has had him from 12 weeks. 

She is mild mannered and has a quiet voice and has never had a dog that has needed set training. (always pet retrievers previously), so although we were going to pet training once a week she hasn't really made much progress outside the hall.

However, although he is really good at home, when she takes him out, he gets so excited that he squeals all the time, pulls on the lead, and actually got knocked down when he pulled the lead from her a few weeks ago.  He broke a leg, and after being in plaster for a few weeks, will only be allowed full off lead freedom after New Year, but meantime it's 20 minutes only at a time on a flexi.

I feel she needs someone who knows about Collie's and to instill in her that she needs to concentrate on exercsing his brain on a regular basis.  I have tried to get her to do brain games and retrieving with him but I think it's spasmodic. I think she gets caught up in other things(TV, friends' visits etc) instead of training him because he lies quietly beside her, and perhaps I'm not firm enough with her - but I have my own life to live too and can't be there 24/7  :innocent:

Does anyone know of a trainer in Central Scotland who could help her?  Or perhaps help set out a regime I could give her to stick to.

Please don't reply with suggestions of rehoming - that will NOT happen
Thank you
Title: Re: Collie pup training help
Post by: SallyintNorth on November 24, 2018, 01:57:47 pm
Many (if not most) Collies have OCD so they need a focus for that.  Some will fixate on a tennis ball, but not all like chasing and retrieving balls.  But she will be able to find something that takes his interest and which she can then use to keep his attention on her on walks.  Maybe a carrot, a cardboard tube, a ragger rope, something. 

Many collies are not particularly food oriented, so training methods that use food rewards aren’t always very effective.  (But some are greedy, in which case titbits can work if used correctly.  But their brains work so fast, your technique has to be absolutely spot-on or you get lots of unintended consequences...)

You’re absolutely right of course that he needs brain stimulation in order to be engaged on his walks.  If she could just do the obedience stuff they’ve done at class on two of his four lead walks each day, that would be a big help. 

Sounds like she may not be the sort of person who would read a book about dogs, but if she would, Barbara Sykes’ Understanding Border Collies is often recommended.

I hope you manage to locate a good collie owner trainer / class that will suit her. 
Title: Re: Collie pup training help
Post by: doganjo on November 24, 2018, 05:20:31 pm
As an owner of a working breed myself I understand all that but she doesn't,  :'( :'(  and I can't get it through to her without losing my temper.  She actually said to me this morning 'you'll be shouting at me soon'   :innocent:

So she knows, but somehow isn't programmed to think like a collie does or even to think ahead to what he might do next.  I've been tearing my hair out and trying to not shout at her since she got him  :eyelashes:

I've tried to get her to do the 'hold' command followed by 'give/thankyou'  but she just seems to get distracted onto other things, and she just says 'but he's so good in teh house'  and he is.  He is very obedient with me, and also with  a friend of ours who has competed in 'one man and his dog'  But he's elderly and isn't able to help her much.

I've come to the conclusion that one on one training is the best option but I don't know anyone.  I'll keep trying my own dog showing circles - some of them may wotk their dogs too.
Thanks anyway.  It helps me calm down by just ranting on here.  :coat:
Title: Re: Collie pup training help
Post by: sabrina on November 24, 2018, 08:30:47 pm
The one thing my lot have taught me, a collie can sum up a person very quickly. this pup already knows how easy it is to get away with things. my 2 are well behaved for me but my OH who is the fun in their life they can get away with everything as he says they know I love them. I am the one who they know must be listen to. Everything you have said screams this is not the right dog for this person. She needs to understand she has taken on the life of this pup and if her life is more important then give the pup to someone who will care enough about its welbeing. The rescue centres are full of Border collies with problems. Also why ask for your help and then not listen. Your time is precious so in my mind she is also letting you down.
Title: Re: Collie pup training help
Post by: doganjo on November 24, 2018, 10:04:40 pm
Sorry you've got it wrong or perhaps I haven't explained it properly.  I can assure you the dog will not be going anywhere else.  He is very obedient inside but he just gets very excited outside.  It is a matter of one to one training,
I am very experienced but I am too close to the situation.  I will keep looking for a personal trainer for her and lock this thread