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Title: Free felting machine training etc!!!
Post by: woollyval on September 30, 2008, 10:56:28 am
Free felting tuition............we are having a morning for up to 6 people to learn how to use the felting machinery in the Woolly Waste eco business unit on 15th October from 10-12

The idea is that you can then hire the machinery to make your own felt!!!!

Once trained in its use you will be able to hire the felting table for £50 a day (get a group and the price is low when shared between you) can make a huge amount of the stuff in a day! There are other charges if you need us to supply carded wool or alpaca or if you need it dyed etc but it is there for people like yourselves to start micro enterprises based on the of what is available on blog

Get in touch for more details 07857 670092