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Title: Cider press
Post by: suziequeue on September 18, 2010, 07:38:42 pm
We are planning to make cider this year and have bought a cider press to mark the occasion:

The problem is that the instructions are so poor that I can't really put the ratchet system together which is going to tighten the top and squeeeeeeeze the apple gunge.

Here is what I have for the ratchet system:

Does anybody have a similar cider press who can advise?

Title: Re: Cider press
Post by: plumseverywhere on October 09, 2010, 10:48:36 am
Hello - your press is almost identical to Tony's. we struggled with the instructions too! but here is a picture of how his works - and he's put an explanation of how he does it below, hope it helps x


it’s a ratchet system
on your pic, going from left to right, call the bits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

-        turn 2 the other way up, and put 2 on 1
-        put 3 on 2 - it only goes on one way
-        slot and bolt 4 onto 3
-        put retaining springs through eyelets of 1 (or bend a couple of nails / paperclips)
-        put 5 into 4 when actually pressing - you don't need to bolt it in - I never do
-        screw the whole system onto the top of the thread, and spin it down!
-        the tricky bit is using the ratchet system - the diamond shaped things have to be place in the top of 3 when pressing and loosening - depending on which way round you put them determines whether the ratchet system presses or loosens - trust me, it works perfectly with a bit of practice.
-        the other tricky bit is filling the gap between the semicircle press plates and the ratchet - you may have been supplied some blocks of wood, but this may not be enough, and the ratchet system may jam on the rim of the press - either buy more block, or I use a few extra bricks! I actually sawed the rim of the press down by 2 inches this year to stop it jamming.
-        whether pressing or loosening, ratchet to and fro (like with a ratchet spanner), not round and round!
-        another tip - instead of using your 30l bucket, drain the juice into saucepans, swapping them over to pour the juice into the bucket - the bucket probably doesn't fit well under the funnel of the press.
I make plum wine (400l this year), but I imagine the process is very similar - if you need any tips, let me know

Tone Tanner