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Title: Mobile Field Shelter Planning Permission - Scotland
Post by: smaarthorses on May 03, 2018, 02:29:03 pm
I was hoping for some advise.  I erected two 12x24 mobile field shelters in a field that I bought in South Lanarkshire.  Someone has complained about them and planning came out for a visit.  I explained they were mobile and that no concrete or permanent fixings were used.  However they have come back with a decision that I need to get planning permission or take them down.

They are not near any houses, the 3 houses on the old farm are far enough away.  So I really don't understand their decision.

They have sent me Town and Country Planning (general permitted development) (Scotland) order 1992 and referenced sections 15 and 18 but  it makes no sense to me.  I still can't see what is wrong with the shelters.

They are not fixed and are on a hardcore and sand base for welfare for the horses to get them out the mud when needed.

I was hoping someone could advise on how I might be able to appeal this decision.  Its just been one thing after another with this land purchase :-(