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Author Topic: seaweed and hoof hole  (Read 2938 times)

Raspberry Pie

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seaweed and hoof hole
« on: September 13, 2022, 10:12:46 am »
OK I have two questions for you guys...
1. could you link me up to some bulk seaweed powder? I've been told 'ebay' but there's too much there, I've no idea which type is better (kelp? bladderwrack? stuff for dogs?) - I'd like to get a decent amount rather than pay through the nose for tiny bags. I had a bag from GN but it was tiny and lasted 5 minutes.

2. What do I do about a hole in my goat's hoof? (This is my goat who has struggled with a high worm burden for months. Her yield went down, she strted loking really thin and a bit unkempt. Many FECs and conversations with the vet. She had Tramozole (did nothing), Panomec (improved the count only slightly and has now stopped me being able to drink the milk) and now we are trying Eprecis. I have copper bolused her with 4g, she gets Caprivite and Red Rockies lick. But I think all this has had an effect on her hoof health.)
So she got a small stone chipping stuck between her sole and hoof wall. It got infected, she's had blue spray and Alamycin LA and it's fine now, but there's a hole where the stone was, which just fills with dirt and occasionally gets more stones stuck in it. Do I just lkeave it and hope it reduces over time? Or is there anything I can pack it with? Tried packing it with copper sulfate but it just comes out. (hole is between hoof wall and sole - no hole in the hoof wall). This poor goat has been through the mill! You wouldn't know it though as she is still bright, curious, naughty, greedy and loving

Anyway any advice / expereince to share greatly appreciated.


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Re: seaweed and hoof hole
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2022, 09:17:01 pm »
My goats totally refuse to eat anything that has even a tiny sprinkling of seaweed on, so I have not fed it for ages... ,my girls (and boys) now get a mineral/vitamin dfrench (a sheep one with added copper) three times per year, but I have to say I have never really had a serious issue with worm burdens. When I did try seaweed granules I just got the bog-standard ones from NAF (other equine producers are available and usually cheaper, but my local agri merchant only has NAF stuff), you could get (I seem to remember) 1kg bags.

RE the hole in the hoof wall - will it not slowly grow out as you keep paring the hoof? If she is not limping on it I would just leave it, you seem to have enough trouble otherwise with her.


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Re: seaweed and hoof hole
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2022, 11:29:31 am »

RE the hole in the hoof wall - will it not slowly grow out as you keep paring the hoof? If she is not limping on it I would just leave it, you seem to have enough trouble otherwise with her.

That's kind if what I'm hoping... it's a stone-shaped gap between the hoof wall and the sole, rather than in the hoof wall though - I'm hoping the sole will kind of ping back into place over time (??)


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