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Title: Smallholder BLOG!
Post by: Luce747 on November 28, 2011, 08:00:37 pm
Hi guys,

Rather than post this in the horse, goat, poultry and growing forums I thought I would just stick it here.

I have started an online diary and thought some peeps on here might be interested to follow it. Especially those new to smallholding because we have only been at it a year so this diary sort of chronicles a pair of newbies learning as we go!

I am going to post all the major events from breeding animals to growing fruit n veg so it might be an interesting read with any luck. Here is the link, you can become a follower if you subscribe and that way you get emailed when theres a new post instead of keep checking it (

Anyone else fancy doing this? Its real easy! Would love to join someone elses BLOG  :farmer:
Title: Re: Smallholder BLOG!
Post by: Millwood on November 30, 2011, 09:27:32 pm
Hi there :wave:

We keep a blog too....though I have to admit I havent updated it since July! :o Just not had the time! ::) In case you want to take a gander: (
Title: Re: Smallholder BLOG!
Post by: Luce747 on December 01, 2011, 02:32:25 pm
Great, thanks! Just going to take a look. I find smallholder blogs really exciting  :farmer:
We are so small scale at the moment that ours is pretty boring but then on the other hand it will be a good read one day when it shows the scaling up of things like rabbits & poultry breeding from having started as small projects  :chook:  :bunny:  :goat: