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I recently found my electric sewing machine which I haven't seen for about 5 years. when I had a go on it, the cotton got all chavelled up etc. and I was ages trying to fathom it. I went on the net to try and get a manual for it but there was no one in England who was willing to supply one. They were prepared to take it away for 70 plus whatever they needed to do to repair it!
 Eventually I found a company in U.S.A who would send me a manual for $8. I recieved it within 4 days! unfortunately I haven't had time to study it yet but if it takes another 5 years to rediscover my machine at least I will have the instructions to hand!


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I really admire you Rusty!!!! I am creative but NOT skilled!!!! Since moving to Scotland our life is sooooooo rewarding, we go out with the dogs and collect sooo much, chicken food, weeds, berries and all sorts of odd bits of wood, trees  plants etc...we love it, it is a good night out to come back with a rucksack of our findings. As I have  a B&B I love to fill the house will flowers and last year found a field of Sunflowers, they were fantastic...for months we have always had a house full of flowers for free, we get so much for nothing it's I have a sewing machine, maybe I shall make something to apron? not sure what else I can do????


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Just had a comment from a guest from Kentucky, they looked at my website before booking and loved the link to Soar Patrol, so many people have commented on them before so I thought I would share the link on here and we can all have a jig to wake you up....I NEED IT, get ready one, two, three, go   hope it works :-[ yes it works, filmed 300 yards from our B&B untde Clackmannan Tower (probably treading in some of our doggy poo that we did not see to clear up)
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Wow! Thanks for that I bet it makes all Scots feel proud!


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Blimey Russ, well done!!! what a skill, I cannot even hem something straight. I got a very nice free sewing maching off freecycle and started by hemming a curtain and it is very wonkey!!! I did make 4 cusions from some material from a charity shop. I always think if  you are handy with a sweing machine you can trawl the charity shops and either alter stuff or use the material for other things...maybe one day!!!!

If you ever need any help give me a shout :)


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I am nearly the complete reverse I think Sandy ? definitely not creative !! but I can do lots of things , 'jack of all trades master of none' !!! . I have no desire to be creative at all really , if I like something I just copy it !!! no desire or need to re invent the wheel or anything else at all . I never try to design anything ...just look for what I want then ,as I say , copy it ...
       If anything involves a skill I don't have , I just learn that skill . Not to expert levels , just so I can do the basics. I think really THAT is my skill , being able to learn most things . My woodwork is ok , metalwork poor but ok (still learning !!),  gardening ok and so on . The sewing will be a laugh ...well in reality it will be a lot of swearing and wobbly seams !! ::) The trousers were ok , as good as the ones I had bought anyway !!. So can't complain after 30 years of not doing any sewing .
 Next thing on the list is a medieval costume . Just a shirt/top and trousers really . I will also get some seconds leather, and make a pair of boots to go with them  , and a quiver for my home made arrows !!! (winter work !!).


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I have loads of ideas but my hands don't correspond to what my brain tells them to do!!!! Anyway, where are you going to wear your medieval costume? I always like medieval and Gothic things too.....maybe I should get a dressing up box ;D



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