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Title: Mrs Devere
Post by: pigsatlesrues on March 23, 2008, 11:25:02 pm
Haven't heard anything about dear Bubbles lately - how is she doing?

Title: Re: Mrs Devere
Post by: Hilarysmum on March 24, 2008, 02:04:14 pm
I was thinking about Mrs Devere as I was feeding pigs this morning, how is she?
Title: Re: Mrs Devere
Post by: Farmer Giles on March 24, 2008, 06:06:25 pm
Hello pigsatlesrues & Hilarysmum

Thank you for asking about good old Mrs DeVere.

I am sorry that I have not been on here for a goodly while extolling the exploits of 'madam' but I have been quite poorly following a nasty motorcycle accident and also we had a very sad berevement back in the UK so with these two occurences plus some other things that I won't bore you with I have been non to enthusiastic of late.

Anyway she is good and ever gracious, she has been to visit a boar and apparently was very very demanding and left the poor old boar in need of a surgical support and maybe considering that perhaps being gay might be an option!!!!!!! Thankfully Bubbles (her nom de plume) is not attempting to escape and is quite happy promenading around her enclosure digging holes that are reminiscent of a bomb explosion in the Somme, I am expecting a German soilder to pop out at any time and ask if he can use her as a secret tunneling tool to get back to the front!

  I have a link here which is a picture of her and some odd chap giving her a cuddle. The link is  Have a look and hopefully you will see just what a gorgeous girl she really is. Eat your hearts out Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Kera Knightley and all of the other wannabe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Re: Mrs Devere
Post by: skyebaby on March 24, 2008, 07:54:23 pm
She is fab and absolutley the part!! We are really up for the very damanding women this end = keep up the side Bubbles!!

As always your posting has made me laugh!

Really good to hear from you again and really sorry to hear about your problems.  Welcome back!

Title: Re: Mrs Devere
Post by: Rosemary on March 25, 2008, 06:49:44 am
Sorry things have been a bit rough. But glad you're back now and that Mrs DeVere is well. Can't wait to see her offspring!
Title: Re: Mrs Devere
Post by: Hilarysmum on March 25, 2008, 07:55:00 am
Sorry you have had a rough time, and relieved and delighted that you are back on line.  We miss your postings.  Love the news on dear Mrs DV,  I hope her babies are as full of character as she is.
Title: Re: Mrs Devere
Post by: pigsatlesrues on March 25, 2008, 08:01:39 am
Skye has done it again and not signed off - who suggested this TAS junior anyway!!

Anyway, as I said before, welcome back and looking forward to hearing more of her piggy tales!