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Title: MCT Oil and Epilepsy
Post by: PipKelpy on May 14, 2020, 10:58:11 am
Anyone know of anyone who uses this oil? Either for themselves or a pet?

Couple of years ago specialist recommended expensive food for mutt which contains it, but we couldn't afford it. Still cant. But I keep up to date with the treatments and read the Vet Times website where I can and now they are saying that it has positive use as a supplement.

But then again, when you Google it there are lots of different brands and it's a big decision over which one if any to choose.

At moment dog is holding her own and we're about a month into seizure free, which is good for her and us as we are needing to leave her once a day to see to Juniper.

Would be interested to know if anyone even without epilepsy uses it and if it helps their head! (Mind you saying that, I think under current circumstances we could all do with a dollop!!)