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Author Topic: Food Cooooked food and raw food for human consumption  (Read 2295 times)


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Food Cooooked food and raw food for human consumption
« on: March 12, 2010, 09:57:41 am »
Hello all please join in I would like to know what you think it is of interest to me.Now stars in my cooking world of today H F W,Nigella, Rick Stien,Jamie at home(not his at work ones),and GR at home with the children,Delia ,Brian Turner,I forget his name but he is an Irish lad with a pony tail not seen him lately the Two fat ladies although Jennifer has passed on unfortunately for me.But I am really taken with Nigel Slater did any of you watch him on Wednesday He is my sort of cook and dare eat what he has cooked as well.I cannot stand Ainsly and co or the Sugar Plum Fairy Remembered Paul Rankin is the Irish chap No I never rated Cranny Fradock and how poor old Johnny put up with her I'll never know.In the don't see Dorothy Slieghtholme in the Farmhouse Kitchen on YTV was very good and I also liked Ruth Mott.There you are have a go If Harry Dodson was still alive you could ask him to show you how to grow the veg Ruth to cook them and I would eat them  :D :D :pig: :farmer:
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Re: Food Cooooked food and raw food for human consumption
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2010, 11:56:40 am »
We don't have a TV these days but I always enjoyed the way Jamie, in his early days at least, made food so much more accessible and enjoyable (I was in my disinterested late teens when he very first appeared). His debut cookbook is one of my most dog-eared and enjoyed. Nigel Slater helped sow the seeds of this 90s revolution, heavily influenced by River Cafe (RIP RG) and others before them. Real Food by NS is a classic.

It goes without saying that HFW is a leg-end. His passion for nature, food, welfare and sustainability really shine through. Gary Rhodes is a really inspiring chef, his recipes are creative and precise and I enjoy his books (look in charity shops!).

Can't let my hero go unmentioned - Keith Floyd (RIP). What a star. An entertaining, knowledgable and very clever chef, and always seeking out the "real" food (and local grog! ) wherever he was. I love his books (Floyd on Spain, Curry, Hangovers etc etc) which are half recipes, half funny anecdotes.

Delia is a sellout - look at those "how to cheat" programme's or whatever they were called! Bonkers.

PS. Farmhouse Kitchen as you mentioned Wizard and Dairy Book of British Cooking are two other commonn charity shop sights, well worth picking up for classic britidh dishes, pies, cakes, puddings and so on.

I'm hungry now!!!!  :yum:
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Re: Food Cooooked food and raw food for human consumption
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2010, 03:38:38 pm »
I know olly I know I'd forgoten Kieth shame on me.Yes its the 2 book shop in town carboots and The Heart Foundation Some jolly good books have come from those places.I like proper cooking like I said.Nigel was ace on Wednesday.I save the programs up put them in the computer and edit them and transfer to dvd When I need to I can look at the dvd if its to complicated a recipe I print it out,Its a bind wanderin from kitchen to look at the VDU :D ;D :wave: :farmer:
Don't do today what can be put off until tomorrow because today will be yesterday tomorrow


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